Why Should an Electrician Repair Service fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Box?

Why Should an Electrician Repair Service fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Box?


Electrical outlets are fastened to electrical outlet boxes, which subsequently are affixed to the drywall or a wall stud. With time, the outlet box can come loose from the material it was as soon as secured to. If you have actually ever pulled a cord out of an outlet and also it felt like the entire electrical outlet was most likely to come out of the wall surface, this is possibly what’s going on.

Taking care of a loose electrical outlet box isn’t just a matter of tightening up a number of screws. You may require to replace the electrical outlet box with a smaller sized one. You might also require to resize the hole in the drywall. There could additionally be underlying problems happening, like frayed cables that can posture an actual danger to you as well as your family.


That’s why it’s so vital to have a licensed electrical contractor repair your loosened electrical outlet boxes

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Indication of a Loose Electric Outlet Box

There are a couple of certain indicators that indicate an electrical outlet box hangs. It might feel like the entire electrical outlet is coming out of the wall when you unplug a tool from the socket. Possibly you can move the faceplate side to side. Or did you discover that the faceplate does not lay flush against the wall? Every one of these are signs of a loosened electrical outlet box.


If the outlet box has been loose for a long time, so are the cords attached to that electrical outlet. If the cables have been rubbing against any hard items or sharp sides, there could be significant cable damage. This needs expert repair work to make certain the outlet is risk-free to use.


Other Potential Damage Brought On By Loose Electrical Outlet Boxes

If a harmed electrical outlet box is left unaddressed, it can cause a number of feasible problems. While a few of these subsequent problems appear minor, others can be devastating.

  • Split faceplate– After the loose outlet box has actually been pulled against the faceplate adequate times, the faceplate may break. A fractured faceplate can expose real-time electric cords. Don’t use the electrical outlet till its faceplate has been replaced.
  • Irregular gadget billing– If an electrical outlet’s electrical box hangs, it can trigger inconsistent connections for power cords and for that reason undependable charging of electronic tools. In time, the differing power flowing to the device could damage the gadget’s batteries.
  • Cable damage– If a cord takes force to connect into the wall socket, opportunities are it will additionally require pressure to get rid of the plug from the electrical outlet. This can result in loosened electrical wiring connections, making the cord inadequate. Worst instance, exposed cables in the cable can cause electrical shock.
  • Electrical shock– One of the most significant hazards of a loosened electric box is electric shock. If this happens when plugging in or disconnecting a cable, it is necessary to get it dealt with asap for the security of yourself as well as your household.

Let Boulder Electrical Fixing Your Loosened Electrical Outlet Boxes

Power is an effective force. When dealing with electrical issues in the residence, it is constantly best to employ a certified expert to look after the problem. This is not only to make certain the work is done properly yet additionally for your very own safety and security.  BoulderElectrical goes to your solution. Call us today at (720) 515 – 0933 or demand a consultation online currently to get started.