Rocky Mountain Commercial and Industrial

Rocky Mountain Commercial and Industrial

The Commercial Side

Not only do we do great work in the home of our customers in Boulder, Denver, Thornton, Westminster, Fort Collins, Arvada, Golden, the Foothills and beyond, we operate large scale operations in the same regions. We can electrify new builds for your new small business for your $100 million endeavor. We can upgrade the old and install the new. As commercial electricians we install, maintain, inspect and repair all sorts of electrical systems. We install wiring and electrical components, we go above and beyond to make sure you are safe and everything on your property is up to code.

Resistors, capacitors, light emitting diodes, transistors, inductors, integrated circuits, semi-conductors, conductors, low resistance, high resistance, variable resistance, insulators, electron flow, all fall under our domain. We have done work in office buildings, apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and beyond. We retrofit for electrical vehicles like Teslas. We make the world go round.

We are trained and licensed with bigger systems than you can even imagine. High rises and government buildings run smoothly because of us. We diagnose and fix any issues with components or systems. We read and use technical drawings. We plan out entire electrical systems for new construction. It goes without saying but we certainly understand and follow all state of Colorado and local, as well as national guidelines for all electrical systems. We employ leading teams of electricians and have a program in place to bring up high quality apprentices from within our ranks.

This type of work is physically demanding, we cover a lot of surface areas. We squeeze into tight spaces move around on the ground and up and down elevator shafts, we stand and we crouch for longer than most would find comfortable. We have all of the proper safety gear and follow all regulations to reduce the risks of shocks, fires and injury to us and bystanders from the use of our tools and equipment.

Commercial & Industrial

Wiring and power used in commercial settings are unique. It’s a three phase power system and we are trained and comfortable working with these differences. Here at Boulder Electrical, we have spent the time in the classroom that you don’t see. We know you just want the job done and that is where our sweat and time has gone, to making the process as seamless as possible. Our on the job training and work experience is second to none in the Rocky Mountain region. When it comes to skilled trade, Boulder Electrical takes it seriously.

The Industrial Side

Believe it or not there is even more specialization from the commercial side to the industrial. Our industrial technicians spend between 8,000-10,000 hours on the job before passing their competency exam. As there are many different types of industries, the knowledge requires a lot of different experience and education. Automotive production plants to food processing plants, the control wiring and process equipment is different and it’s important to understand and distinguish. We work extensively with complex, sensitive and expensive machinery and electrical systems. The power needs of this world are very different than you’d see elsewhere and we have our finger on the pulse.

Chemical, mining, pharmaceutical are other pertinent industrial areas that we specialize in understanding the general needs of. Micro-currents, high voltage components and beyond. We troubleshoot controls and electronics. We inspect industrial structures, machinery and equipment. We make sure our power conductors are installed properly to reduce interference in all of your control systems. YOu can contact us @ 720-515-0933. Proper grounding is a must as well as regular maintenance and repair. If you are interested in a residential, commercial or industrial electrician with strong values and experience, look no further than Boulder Electrical.