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If you start to see some clues that there might be an electrical  problem in your home in Boulder, Colorado, call us immediately! Our team will get there quick to look after your home, family and precious  valuables and memories.

Here’s a few things Boulder Electrical can do for your home today:

We’ll take care of permit fees, materials, labor, inspection fees and taxes.
We’ll upgrade your home service, bringing your electrical up to code.
We’ll remove old power meters and replace risers, feeder pipe, boost indoor panels and install new meters.

We can safely drill through your roof to support new risers. Pipe roof seal on pipe, install new feeder wires and weatherhead. Sub panels are no problem. Feeder wires to sub panel and land old branch circuits on new breakers. We’ll meet city of Boulder requirements with new dedicated circuits. We’ll handle this on the furnace and water heater. Both existing and new conduit through bathroom into basement. A through switch in basement to light. Run new Romex from light to `S.S.U. location.

We’ll install new grounded switches and receptacles throughout the house and install ground pig tail from boxes to new devices. Install GFI in kitchen and bathroom. 15 amp receptors, 1 and 2 pole 30 amp square breakers and 100W Halogens outside. Photocell motion sensors are available for your families security and peace of mind. Wire nuts and poles. Install new water bonding wire in basement within 5 feet of water pipe entrance. Install new ground rod outside and install new ground wire. Remove old receptacles and lights. Extension of lamp cord, add weatherproof box on outside conduit and install new outdoor halogen lights. Remove extension cord wiring in basement and crawl space. Electrical permits and general permits are pulled, handled and approved.

Electrical system- electrical service conductors, main disconnect locations, 15 and 20 amp branch wires, electrical service voltage ratings, panel types, wiring methods, service amperage and panel capacity, electrical panel manufacturers, smoke detectors, service entrance conductors, main and distribution panel location, sub panel boxes, main disconnect devices, service and grounding equipment, electrical meters, fixtures, switches, connected devices, receptacle operation, polarity and grounding, outlets, improper wiring fixes, reverse polarity solutions, replacement by qualified electricians. operation of GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters), carbon monoxide alarms.

Effective July 1, 209, all homes being purchased are required to have carbon monoxide alarms installed by the seller. This requirement is for homes that have a fuel fired heating system or appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage. The CO alarms must be installed within 15 feet of the entrance to each sleeping room. This inspection includes a review of the presence of CO alarms, and includes pressing the test button to verify operation.

Heating system- primary heating system, number of heat systems, filter size, heat system brand, approximate age, energy source, filter type heating equipment, thermostat, automatic safety controls, distribution systems including fans, ducts, air filters and registers, chimneys, flues and vents. Cooling system- central air manufacturer, equipment type, operating characteristics, energy source, number of AC only units, cooling and air handler equipment, normal operating controls, distribution systems including fans, ducts, air filters, registers, and fans.

Electrical Services

Responsive and Dependable Electrical Contractors, Engineers and Certified Electricians specializing in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Electrical Installations and Repair

Home lighting, circuits, breaker panel installation, repair, replacement and movement, electrical panel diagnostics and  maintenance, commercial business services, home repairs, faulty or old  wiring, code adhesion, troubleshooting, new builds, planning and contract work.

Hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, carriage houses, accessory dwelling units, home additions, guest houses, decorative lighting, temporary lighting, power regulation, voltage regulation, irrigation systems, motor homes, you name it! We’ll take care of the electrical parts. Let one of our professional electricians wire up the right voltage and  circuit for your hot tub or other luxury amenity. Give us a call here locally in Boulder and start enjoying your dreams now. Don’t delay, treat yourself to professional, quick, reliable service.

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Boulder Electrical has the power to make things Better

Electrical contract work is our name and superior service and pricing is our game! We will scout, identify and repair faster than the speed of light!

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Our Customers come First

Rest assured that all our Service Professionals are background checked that will treat your home or business as if it were their own. Installation, repair or rewiring an entire home, Boulder Electric is the name customers think of first.

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Let one of our professional electricians wire up the right voltage and circuit for your hot tub or other luxury amenity. Give us a call here locally in Boulder and start enjoying your dreams now. Don’t delay, treat yourself to professional, quick, reliable service.

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