Fascinating facts and figures about electricity

Fascinating facts and figures about electricity


Michael Faraday perfected the basic principles of electricity generation in the early 1800’s. The movement of a disc of copper or a loop of wire between the poles of a magnet generates electricity!


Electricity travels 300,000 km per second! Literally at the speed of light. A simple spark of electricity can reach 3,000 volts, whereas a taser can reach 50,000 volts! If you thought that was a lot, a bolt of lightning hits 3 million volts in less than a second of time.


We certainly take electricity and it’s use for granted today. Many household items would be dead in the water without that charge. Some of the original items infused with electricity that made modern humans’ lives easier were the toaster, sewing machine, air fan and tea kettle. Today, amazingly a microwave oven consumes more electricity by keeping time than warming up your pizza slice.


Another electrical fact many people neglect is that items continue to consume electricity even when they are not in use. A laptop computer will use 20 watts, while a gaming system like an Xbox or PlayStation will use 10X this amount. As technology improves and electrical engineering improves, so does appliance energy consumption. An older refrigerator can use as much as 4X more electricity than one built today. Keep that in mind when you stick something out in your garage!


Many people are still uneducated about what types of light bulbs to use in their homes. LED is the way to go, as it uses approximately 1/6th of the electricity, saving power and money. It costs 1/4th of the amount and has a shelf life of 40X longer!


Hospitals manipulate electricity to keep patients alive. An electrocardiogram quantifies the electricity in a heart, which is equated with it beating. Humans aren’t the only animals relying on electricity, electric eels can hunt or protect themselves from predators by emitting a 600-volt shock in the water. Gecko’s utilize electrostatic forces in their feet to cling to a smooth surface. 


Imagine if humans could harvest that technology! A platypus’ bill features 40K electricity sensors to find food! An echidna also will utilize electroreceptors in a similar fashion.


Electricity has played an immense role in modern human evolution, and lies at the literally heart of so much we do. Though we do take it for granted, its importance is undeniable. The future certainly is electric, and it will be fascinating how we continue to use it moving forward!

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