Denver Electrical Code

Denver Electrical Code

Here in 2022 moving into 2023, the 2020 National Electrical Code is still in effect for Denver Colorado and many facets are applicable to Boulder, Thornton, Wheatridge, Fort Collins and beyond the metro area.


The National Electrical Code or NEC for short, establishes a set of building code policies and building guides for home and business owners and electrical contractors, workers and engineers to abide by. We here at Boulder Electrical adhere to these incredibly strict standards in every day and every part of what we do. Your safety and the job being done right are essential to furthering our sterling reputation we’ve built here in the Rocky Mountain region.


Benchmarks for safe electrical design and installation are predominantly emphasized: Installation and removal of electrical conductors, raceways, equipment, communications and signaling, as well as fiber optic cables are tantamount as we are laying the foundation for the operational electrical structure of your dwelling, domicile or public building.


These codes do distinguish between these different types of premises including both private and public. Also obscure or lesser thought of but just as important types of structures including mobile homes, recreational vehicles, floating buildings and more. Colorado is a big hub for these as people have disposable income and like to have toys and gadgets and alternate places to live and spend their time.


Machinery is vital to making all of these dreams a reality as you might imagine. Things get quite in depth regarding the types of machinery to mine surfaces and electrical trailing cables. Equipment must be efficient and ideal for generation, transformation, transmission, energy storage and distribution of power.


How does this get done in a busy community such as Denver or Boulder? Legal right of ways must be established. Proper permitting must be submitted and obtained with public service commissions, utility commissions and regulatory agencies.  Boulder electrical handles all of this behind the scenes. We use our expertise and connections to make this things happen fast and effectively.


Tied into all of the electrical is fire codes and standards. These are infinite in scale to protect both our workers and you. Some major categories covered in the fire code umbrella include hydrogen technologies, life safety systems, standards for portable fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide detection and extinguishing, sprinkler systems, standpipe and hose systems, foam-water sprinkler and spray systems, dry chemical and wet chemical extinguishing systems, wetting agents water additives, vapor mitigation, stationary pumps, water tanks, flammable and combustible liquids code, fuel dispensing facilities, aerosol products, oil-burning equipment, dry cleaning, organic coatings and solvent extraction. It’s exhausting but as you can see, every t has been crossed and i dotted. Every contingency must be thought of well in advance and planned for in the case of an unforeseen emergency.


Here at Boulder Electrical, we are proud to do the little things right the first time and then go above and beyond that. Get in touch with us today or call us: (720) 515 – 0933.